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Creed: Rise to Glory

Survios’ Creed: Rise to Glory has Sold Over 1 Million Copies

That’s a lot of punches thrown and calories burnt.

Survios has churned out some excellent virtual reality (VR) titles over the years from wave shooter Raw Data to the musical Electronauts. One of the studios’ biggest releases was an official tie-in with MGM’s Creed and Rocky cinematic universe with 2018’s Creed: Rise to Glory. This week Survios has revealed that the boxing title has cleared the one million unit sales mark across all platforms.

Creed: Rise to Glory
Creed: Rise to Glory on Oculus Quest

Initially brought to PlayStation VR and PC VR headsets before coming to Oculus Quest in 2019, Creed: Rise to Glory puts you in the gloves of underdog Adonis Creed. You then have to work your way through the boxing ranks, eventually becoming champion. As this was officially licensed you’ll not only receive training from the legendary Rocky Balboa, Adonis’ father, World Heavyweight Champion Apollo Creed makes an appearance and so does Mr. T’s character Clubber Lang.

When you’re not fighting in official bouts you need to build that strength and stamina with plenty of training or trying some of the various Endurance, Free Play, and Online PVP modes. When it comes to all those sales Survios hasn’t mentioned what the split is between the various platforms.

“When we first brought ‘Creed’ to life in VR, we knew players would become immersed in the character’s passion, determination and fighting spirit,” said Seth Gerson, CEO, Survios, in a statement. “Since releasing the game, players stepping into the virtual ring have thrown more than 500 million punches, burned more than 1 billion calories and boxed in over 50 million rounds on the road to 1 million games sold.”

Creed: Rise to Glory
Creed: Rise to Glory on Oculus Quest

“Whether we’re developing for VR, traditional consoles, physical installations with AR/VR overlays or a hybrid that combines the best of each, our mission is to design fully immersive, dynamic worlds that can be discovered in every reality where gamers exist,” continued Gerson. “Developing for cross-reality is just the beginning. We’re exploring every opportunity to captivate the broadest possible gaming audience while pushing the envelope to create the next generation of immersive technologies and interactive consumer experiences.”

One million copies might not be a lot in normal videogame terms but in VR that’s certainly a success. Survios’ most recent release is another official IP, collaborating with Taito to bring Puzzle Bobble VR: Vacation Odyssey to multiple VR headsets. For further updates on the studio’s latest projects, keep reading VRFocus.

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