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Project Terminus VR

Survival Horror Project TERMINUS VR Arrives on Oculus Quest Next Week

It’ll be fully cross-play compatible enabling four friends to play together.

Project TERMINUS VR has been available via SideQuest for Oculus Quest for almost two years now and soon it’ll finally make its official appearance on the Oculus Store for Quest and Oculus Rift. Indie team CVR actually launched the survival horror through Steam early access back in March and next week Oculus Quest players can finally join in the multiplayer fun.

Project Terminus VR

Set in Paris, France, Project TERMINUS VR takes players on a terrifying journey through the city, both above and below ground as they try to avoid the assimilated. No, they’re not the Borg (well, almost), these unfortunate souls have come into contact with swarms of nanites that have been attacking cities, turning the population into a combination of biological and robotic matter that’s now devoid of their previous personality. With no idea where these nanites came from and the military locking down the city, players have to survive using whatever resources they can find.

Supporting single-player and online co-op multiplayer for up to four people – no matter the platform they’re on – CVR has built Project TERMINUS VR around typically difficult survival mechanics and realistic VR interactions to immerse players in the experience. That means a backpack with limited storage, a flashlight with limited battery, physically climbing ledges and ladders, looting furniture, and crawling into ventilation systems to find whatever you can.

The launch of Project TERMINUS VR for Oculus Quest and Rift will be Act 1 of a multipart, story-driven campaign that should supply players with several hours of gameplay the studio says. Additionally, an Arcade mode will provide mini-campaigns and wave-based action on three exclusive maps.

Project Terminus VR

That’s not all for you VR horror fans. Project TERMINUS VR also has its own Map Editor so players can create, share and play their own custom maps which should massively up the replay factor for those after value for money.

Project TERMINUS VR is set to launch on Oculus Quest and Rift stores on 28th October 2021, fully cross-buy and cross-play compatible with the SteamVR version as well on casual-vr.com. For continued updates on Project TERMINUS VR keep reading VRFocus.

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