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Synth Riders Spiral Mode

Synth Riders Goes Tubular With its new Spiral Mode

Spiral Mode arrives this Thursday, 28th October.

Once upon a time, virtual reality (VR) developers tried not to spin players around too much just in case it caused any nausea. That worry is very much a thing of the past thanks to better hardware and understanding of how to alleviate it. So much so that rhythm action videogame Synth Riders is about to release a new Spiral Mode across all supported platforms this week.

Synth Riders Spiral Mode

As the name suggests, Spiral Mode turns the previously flat gameplay environment into one giant tube allowing songs to spiral around for an even more dynamic environment. Possibly the first time this has been done in a rhythm action experience – a few racing titles have this setup – the cylindrical stage will require players to lean their whole body as they weave in and out of the various obstacles.

The mode will task players with unlocking three intensity levels, each with more powerful turns and challenges to match. Developer Kluge Interactive isn’t consigning Spiral Mode to a small section of Synth Riders either, it’ll be available for use in every song and difficulty, compatible with most modifiers and multiplayer.

Adding to the content selection, the studio is dropping a free track called Go! by synthwave duo, Dance With The Dead to celebrate. This ups Synth Riders’ music selection to 55 free songs. That can be expanded further with an additional 30 DLC tracks from the likes of Muse, The Offspring, and Caravan Palace.

Synth Riders Spiral Mode

“I’m excited to enhance our players’ experience even more with this twist on our gameplay, it’s not like anything we’ve seen in a VR rhythm game before!  Personally, I love playing Spiral Mode because the mechanic gives me a feeling of challenge and speed that reminds me so much of skating – one of my favourite hobbies,” says Abraham Aguero Benzecri – Creative Director in a statement. “I hope that Spiral Mode will find many fans among Synth Riders players.” 

All the new content will arrive as a free update this Thursday, 28th October 2021 for Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR, Steam, and Viveport users. For continued updates on Synth Riders, keep reading VRFocus.

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