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New Oculus Facebook headset leak

Tutorial Videos Leak Possible New Oculus Headset Ahead of Facebook Connect

Could this be the new Oculus Quest Pro?

It happened a couple of weeks ago just before the reveal of HTC’s Vive Flow headset and now it looks like Facebook’s big reveal for Connect may have been leaked. Several videos have been unearthed showcasing what looks to be a new virtual reality (VR) headset, new controllers and a possible charging station.

Four tutorial videos appeared on the account of Twitter user Bastian – who has previously leaked Oculus details – crediting a Reddit user called Samulia, who appears to have found them in Seacliff firmware. Seacliff is rumoured to be the codename for Oculus’ next headset.

If the videos are to be believed – they continue to maintain the company’s aesthetic style at least – the new design features a more balanced approach with a chunkier back that could contain the battery and processing components. The front visor is sleeker than previous models but most tellingly, looks very close to the prototype headset Facebook Reality Lab Head Andrew “Boz” Bosworth teased a couple of weeks ago.

There’s more of a Halo style band at the front which would aid comfort and hand tracking still features. In a couple of the videos, you get a glimpse at the possible new controllers which no longer include a tracking ring. Instead – as previous reports have suggested – the controllers will have their own in-built cameras to track movement instead. Very, very briefly is what seems to be a charging base for both the headset and controllers so users can pick up and play with no hassle.

Like any leaks of this nature, these new videos in no way guarantee that this is what’ll be announced at Facebook Connect later this week. However, the company has previously spoken about an Oculus Quest Pro that could feature more sensors for more immersive use cases. Further details are hopefully going to be revealed during the event, which these videos could be alluding to.

Facebook Connect will be taking place this Thursday, 28th October as a one-day-only online event, starting at 6 pm BST (10 am PST). It’ll include a keynote address by Mark Zuckerberg as well as other sessions like Connect With Carmack. For further updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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