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VMware Nvidia CloudXR

VMware Integrates NVIDIA’s CloudXR Into its Collab Platform

The latest company to adopt NVIDIA’s streaming solution.

NVIDIA and VMware have a long-running partnership when it comes to working together on XR solutions. As part of VMworld 2021 which starts today, the companies have announced that VMware’s Workspace ONE XR Hub will utilise CloudXR so the business solution can run on all-in-one (AIO) headsets.

Currently, in open beta, Workspace ONE XR Hub is VMware’s immersive expansion of its Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, a solution design to improve employee engagement and remote productivity. Facilitating use cases like immersive training and design visualization can warrant using high-end PC’s and tethered headsets which aren’t always suitable or they’re simply expensive. AIO headsets are becoming far more commonplace yet lack the processing power for these high-end enterprise applications.

Hence why VMware is utilising NVIDIA CloudXR so that all the complex environments, scenes and simulations companies want to run can be achieved remotely on RTX GPU’s and RTX Virtual Workstation Software that a standalone headset can tap into.

“From immersive training to immersive design solutions, our customers need the highest fidelity experience with the greatest mobility. Running VR applications on VMware vSphere with NVIDIA vGPU, combined with NVIDIA CloudXR to stream content to a mobile VR headset, is a great way to solve that challenge,” said Matt Coppinger, director of XR at VMware in a statement. “We’ve also been developing Workspace ONE XR Hub, which will provide simple and secure access to native and remote VR applications. CloudXR integrated in VMware Workspace ONE will provide the ultimate enterprise experience for users and IT.”


This is being showcased at NVIDIA’s booth during VMworld this week, combining Autodesk VRED, Workspace ONE XR Hub, and CloudXR. Attendees will be able to view real-time renderings of digital models on VR headsets, handheld phones and tablets.

NVIDIA unveiled its streaming solution in early 2020, with a beta programme allowing a select number of applicants to register and implement CloudXR. Its most recent advancements took place over the summer, adding support for bidirectional audio as well as Google Cloud integration. As further improvements are made to CloudXR, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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