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Morels: Homestead

Build Your Own Idyllic Retreat With Morels: Homestead for Oculus Quest in December

Build a home away from home this winter.

A couple of years ago Abrams Studios launched a relaxing adventure videogame called Morels: The Hunt for PC, all about mushroom hunting and wildlife photography. The studio then turned its attention to virtual reality (VR), announcing recently that Morels: Homestead will be coming to Oculus Quest by the end of the year.

Morels: Homestead

Just like its PC forebear you can forage for mushrooms and take photos of the local wildlife. However, in Morels: Homestead you can get even more creative by building your own homestead in the wilderness, getting back to nature by exploring the environment, collecting and harvesting crops and much more. Unlike the real wilds where survival can be brutal, Morels: Homestead is more of a relaxing experience rather than trying to make you tough it out.

So you can build that cabin in the woods you may have always wanted, on a completely blank piece of land. From the main homestead itself and the interior design to placing trees, crops, barns, water towers, bridges and more, there are going to be plenty of options to play with. When you want a break why not head to the farmers market to sell some of your produce or buy useful items.

With eight maps to explore there are plenty of opportunities to hunt down secrets like the elusive Morel mushroom, discover and photograph over 60 animals and insects and find hidden treasures using your metal detector. You’ll also be able to head out at night and see your homestead in a whole new light.

Morels: Homestead

Morels: Homestead is a unique experience as it focuses on relaxation and immersion while completing tasks rather than high intensity interactions like many current VR games,” notes the team.

Abrams Studios will be releasing Morels: Homestead for Oculus Quest on 7th December 2021 priced at $19.99 USD, with a SteamVR version due to arrive next year. For continued updates on the latest Oculus Quest titles, keep reading VRFocus.

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