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ForeVR Darts

ForeVR Darts Hits Oculus Quest in December

Even in VR aiming for those triple 20s isn’t easy.

It’s been a whirlwind year for ForeVR, emerging from stealth in December 2020 followed by launching its first virtual reality (VR) title ForeVR Bowl in May. With a focus on bringing sports and social gameplay together the studio has just revealed its second videogame set to arrive this year, ForeVR Darts.

ForeVR Darts

After bowling, darts seems like a natural pub sport to bring into VR, especially as there are very few darts-inspired titles. Exclusive to Oculus Quest and Quest 2, ForeVR Darts offers all the classic darts gameplay you’d expect, from the casual 501, 301, 201, and 101 modes to the pro Double Out (501, 301)¬†modes. Those easier modes are supported in single-player, Pass-and-Play, or a Private room setup, whilst the Double Out mode is all about adding that competitive edge in public multiplayer.

Players will have the ability to create or join public or private multiplayer rooms to face players worldwide. For a more local set up there’s Pass-and-Play requiring one headset to pass between friends and family. In the solo mode, players can hone their skills and level up against Easy, Medium, and Hard NPCs.

A good darts player needs their own darts and there are plenty to choose from. Just like ForeVR Bowl’s bewildering array of bowling balls, ForeVR Darts will include over 50 uniquely weighted darts which will feature: “custom effects and attributes and a range of classic designs and fantastical flights,” the studio notes. ForeVR Darts will also be localized in 22 languages for maximum global accessibility.

ForeVR Darts

Last but not least, ForeVR Darts will support optional hand tracking! Yep, no need for controllers here, pick up your darts and start aiming for those triple 20s.

ForeVR Darts is scheduled to arrive for Oculus Quest and Quest 2 on 16th December 2021 priced at $9.99 USD. Or you can always enter ForeVR’s competition to win one of 50 copies of ForeVR Darts. As further details are released, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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