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Ruins Magus

Gorgeous JRPG Ruins Magus Getting English Version in 2022

Ruins Magus will support Oculus and SteamVR headsets.

There are some great Japanese virtual reality (VR) titles available at the moment and for those who love role-playing games (RPG) CharacterBank’s Ruins Magus is another to keep an eye on. Originally revealed earlier this year, the developer plans on releasing both Japanese and English dubbed versions, with a Kickstarter campaign to launch later this week to help support the cost of the English edition.

Ruins Magus

Ruins Magus looks set to offer a classic JRPG experience in VR, supporting both Oculus and SteamVR headsets. Set in the city of Gran Amnis, at its centre is a large archaeological site which players need to explore. You take on the role of a novice wizard, who teams up with a researcher called Iris, from the research institution Enigma, to unlock the mysteries within the ruins.

CharacterBank has revealed so far that Ruins Magus will contain a 26-chapter story, with players having to utilise their magical abilities to defeat the Guardians that dwell within the ruins. Plus, it wouldn’t be a JRPG without plenty of quirky characters to talk to, Ruins Magus will have over 30 to bring some life to the adventure.

Aside from a few screenshots and short trailers, very little of the Ruins Magus‘ gameplay has been revealed just yet. One thing’s almost for certain, it looks quite the spectacle with rich character designs and huge Guardians to fight.

Ruins Magus

And so on to the Kickstarter. CharacterBank originally supported the project via a Campfire campaign with plans to launch both Japanese and English versions of Ruins Magus this year for VR headsets. This week the team announced via Twitter their intention to launch a Kickstarter campaign this Wednesday, 17th November, purely to help support the creation of an English edition. This would then be released in February 2022.

Currently, the studio hasn’t revealed how big the funding goal will be or what backing tier incentives there might be. As the money raised will be used for translation, it’s unlikely to be a huge Kickstarter in comparison to other VR projects.

As VRFocus learns more about Ruins Magus we’ll let you know.

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