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Hitman 3

Hitman 3 to Support PC VR in 2022

You’ll have to wait until January.

IO Interactive launched Hitman 3 back in January across multiple platforms, with virtual reality (VR) support exclusive to PlayStation VR. Today, the studio has revealed its plans for 2022, these include Ray Tracing on PC, a new gameplay mode and support for PC VR headsets.

Hitman 3

Currently, IO Interactive has confirmed that PC VR support will be implemented in January but didn’t go as far as to say which headsets specifically or any in-depth technical details regarding its implementation. It did say that all: “will be revealed before Year 2 starts on 20 January 2022.”

However, in a short YouTube video showcasing what’s to come IO Interactive did tease a feature that isn’t available for PlayStation VR owners, motion controller support. When Hitman 3 first arrived, the videogame only supported the standard PlayStation controller so you couldn’t independently wield guns or use your hands. The PC VR version won’t have that issue, as the footage clearly highlights a Valve Index and the Index controllers being used, as well as the two-handed operation of guns. So Hitman 3 in 2022 is going to get more immersive.

On the subject of immersion, the PC edition of Hitman 3 is going to get a visual upgrade thanks to Ray Tracing support. As PC players are already enjoying “support for 8+ core CPUs and Variable Rate Shading,” the addition of Ray Tracing (if your rig can handle it) will give those assassination missions an improved ambience.

Hitman 3

In the announcement, IO Interactive revealed that Hitman 3 has been to most successful yet, with 50 million players stepping into the shoes of Agent 47. 2022 will also see the addition of new maps, storylines and modes, with Elusive Target Arcade revealed today. “Prepare to take on the ultimate Elusive Target challenge in a change to the established formula in this fan-favourite game mode,” notes the team in a blog post. “All Elusive Target Arcade content will be a permanent addition to the game.” Details on how the mode will function will be unveiled in January.

So finally PC VR players will be able to enjoy Hitman 3 in VR. As further information is released, VRFocus will let you know.

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