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Ruins Magus

More Ruins Magus Details Released as Kickstarter Begins

The campaign aims to raise £32k towards dubbing Ruins Magus into English.

A couple of days ago VRFocus reported on an upcoming Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) called Ruins Magus for Oculus and Steam headsets. Developer CharacterBank plans on making an English language version so to help in that endeavour the team has launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign.

Ruins Magus

As expected, the Kickstarter goal isn’t that high in comparison to other virtual reality (VR) projects, only looking to raise a mear £32,000 GBP (¥5,000,000 JPY) to help make English language support possible. Backing tiers start from £23 to get an early bird digital copy of the videogame. Higher tiers add more goodies, of course, with the maximum tier only costing £69 (¥10,500), giving backers a digital soundtrack, 3D models, digital artbook and more.

CharacterBank doesn’t want to stop at English dubbing if it can raise the funds. The studio wants to add a new language for every ¥5,000,000 raised, announcing each new language as the goal is met. Which ones the studio has next in mind haven’t been revealed. The campaign ends on 20th December so there’s plenty of time to hit several targets, how many VR players crave a JRPG is the big question?

Ruins Magus is a fantasy action RPG set in the city of Grand Amnis which houses a colossal ruin at its centre. You play an unnamed novice wizard who plans on unravelling the mysteries within with the aid of Iris, a new researcher at the Enigma Research Institute. With the launch of the Kickstarter, the studio has revealed a little more about the gameplay and the characters you’ll meet along the way.

Ruins Magus

The title is being built around the idea of an interactive visual novel, with a rich cast of characters and a storyline to match. There will be over 30 characters across 26 chapters to converse with as you stroll around the city of Grand Amnis. Areas will include “The Square in front of the Ruins” where you’ll find shops like Nandemo-do selling useful wares. Or if you head down the back alleys you’ll find interesting characters and the Tomarigi Cafe for some respite.

When it comes to the inhabitants of Grand Amnis, Uketsuke-san is a friendly demi-human and receptionist at the guild counter in front of the ancient ruins. Or then there’s the Guild Master, the current head of the Wizard Guild, described as a “mysterious person with a strange dignity and a great sense of humour.”

Currently, CharacterBank expects the English version of Ruins Magus to be ready for early 2022. As further details regarding the release are announced, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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