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Neon Roguelike Yuki Heads to PlayStation VR Next Week

It’s almost time for some bullet hell madness on PlayStation VR.

Brazilian developer ARVORE launched colourful shooter Yuki for Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets during the summer, providing a physical, anime-themed experience. A PlayStation VR version was always on the cards and today the studio has revealed that Yuki arrives in a weeks time.


Mixing both bullet hell and roguelite gameplay genres Yuki challenges players to fight waves of enemies whilst trying to dodge an evermore dizzying array of projectiles and other environmental obstacles. Yuki is an action figure you control directly with your hands, sweeping him through the minefield of neon death, collecting upgrades and trying not to die.

As this is a roguelite death means the end of that particular run, restarting back at the beginning a little bit wiser and possibly stronger. Progressing through levels means you can unlock new Bladewings which offer new stats and abilities to vary the gameplay. Then there are Charms and power-ups to help improve those chances, these are purchased by collecting Creative Drive orbs from defeated enemies. Purchased power-ups then appear in level providing a single run boost whilst Charms are more expensive but offer permanent upgrades.

To keep things fresh levels are procedurally generated so that enemies and obstacles will randomly appear in new locations, the main backgrounds remain the same. As mentioned, because you have to physically move Yuki the gameplay does get energetic so make sure that the play area is clear.


Reviewing the Oculus Quest edition of Yuki VRFocus said: “Even with the lacklustre procedurally generated levels,  YUKI is still a blast to play, easy to pick up and great to look at. You get so involved with the levels that a couple of hours go by in an instant and it’s only when you die and take a breather that you realise how much the gameplay makes you move.”

Yuki is now scheduled to arrive for PlayStation VR on 16th November 2021. For further updates from ARVORE, keep reading VRFocus.

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