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Wanderer Takes a Steady Stroll to Launch in January 2022

A couple more months to wait.

There are a number of virtual reality (VR) projects VRFocus has been looking forward to seeing arrive in late 2021, one of which is M-Theory and Oddboy’s time-travelling adventure Wanderer. Originally expected to arrive in Q3 2021 before an update pushed it a little further back, this week the development teams have confirmed another delay, meaning the multiplatform title won’t arrive until the new year.


In a post via the Wanderer Discord channel, M-Theory and Oddboy revealed that the videogame will now launch on 27th January 2022 for PlayStation VR, Oculus and SteamVR headsets. In a statement, they said: “As you will quickly have noticed, it’s uh… not coming out before the end of 2021 – Sadly we have had further setbacks from COVID, as well as other factors that come with being an indie team. The overall choice comes from us wanting to deliver a well polished game that we are PROUD to share with you all. Pushing back to a solid date gives us the confidence to create that!”

This has been a common factor of late, even big studios like Ready at Dawn with Lone Echo II had to continually delay project launches. On a plus note, the Wanderer teams have released new details regarding some of the mechanics and locations you will be able to tackle next year.

As Wanderer involves plenty of time-hopping, no easy task when this involves harnessing and manipulating black holes to carry yourself across time and space. To help in that regard you’ll have your trusted companion Samuel the watch to guide you, plus you’ll have to learn how to use the Temporal Transporter, a mysterious mechanical device that’s integral to saving the world.


As anyone who’s watched a time-travel movie knows, messing with time can produce alternate futures and that’s exactly what you get in Wanderer. For the first time, the developers have showcased Boston in 2061, seeing the city in “a new light, with a modern, futuristic setting that’s designed with all the modcons one could dream of or is this the nightmare you were warned against?” 

Taking on the role of Asher Neumann and with Samuel the Watch on your wrist, you have to jump to key moments in history such as the moon landing and alter events to save mankind. In addition to all the digital editions for the various VR platforms, Wanderer will also get a physical edition for PlayStation VR. For further updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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