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Windlands 2

Windlands 2 Finally Grapples Onto PlayStation VR This Friday

Psytec Games plan on adding PlayStation VR 2 support in the future.

For the launch of Oculus Rift way back in 2016, Psytec Games challenged players with navigating environments by using grappling hooks in Windlands. Its sequel Windlands 2 improved the gameplay whilst adding a multiplayer component. In 2018 when Windlands 2 arrived for PC VR headsets the studio did mention a PlayStation VR version was in the works before going quiet until this summer, reemerging saying that a launch wasn’t far away. And now there definitely isn’t long to wait, as the swinging adventure arrives in a few days.

Windlands 2

So that makes Windlands 2 a 2018 virtual reality (VR) title coming out in late 2021, with a lot more competition in this particular space from the likes of Yupitergrad, Swarm, Grapple Tournament and more. In it, you’ll be swinging from trees, buildings, and basically anything the dual grappling hooks can attach themselves to, exploring the colourful, wide-open vistas. You don’t have to spend all your time in the air though, as you can run around surface side to find hidden secrets.

What you’ll notice is that for the most part Windlands 2 is a fairly serene, swing-based puzzler. Psytec Games did add an action element to this sequel by adding in Titans, giant bosses to kill to progress through the campaign. Whilst you can take on these monsters alone, the addition of a 4-player co-op mode makes these sections even more enjoyable, enabling a team-based strategy. You’re not using your grappling hooks, of course, instead, you have to master swinging through the air whilst unleashing shots from your bow.

There’s more in store once you’ve completed the main campaign. Skill-based Speed Run Races really put those swing skills to the test or you can always try the collection challenges. Both of these feature global leaderboards. Or then there’s are the multiple advanced modes which include “no hooks”, “one life” and “hook anything” to keep things interesting.

Windlands 2

While it has certainly been a long delay, the studio does plan on continuing to support Windlands 2 into the future, confirming to VRFocus that PlayStation VR 2 support will be patched in eventually. In collaboration with Perp Games, Psytec Games will be releasing Windlands 2 in both digital and physical formats on 26th November 2021. For continued updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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