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Winds & Leaves

Winds & Leaves Gently Breezes Onto PCVR in December

Time to pickup those winter gardening tools.

During the summer, Prison Boss VR developer Trebuchet launched mystical gardening adventure Winds & Leaves for PlayStation VR. Today, the studio has announced that a PC VR version is on the way with a bunch of visual and gameplay enhancements.

Winds & Leaves

Bringing Winds & Leaves to SteamVR has meant that Trebuchet has increased the graphical fidelity, expanded the draw distance so you can appreciate the beautiful scenery whilst improving the tree and vegetation density so those forests look even more luscious. Additionally, a new roomscale mode has been included alongside a 360-degree rotation setting. Employing roomscale freedom should make planting all those seeds even easier.

“We are thrilled to bring Winds & Leaves to Steam VR players, taking advantage of the PC power to make the experience even more captivating with the farther draw distance and higher vegetation density that we can now render,” said Alexandre Pernot Lopes, Trebuchet Creative Director and co-founder in a statement.

Winds & Leaves drops you into a barren world almost entirely devoid of life. You take on the role of The Gardener, a being who has a unique connection to the trees and plants, even being able to see their interconnecting lifeforce. With a few tools in hand, you need to explore the various biomes and plant trees most suited to the environment, combining seeds to make new varieties ideal for each new habitat. The eventual goal is to entirely restore life to the planet.

Winds & Leaves

To ensure a comfortable walking experience Trebuchet puts you on stilts, rather unique for a VR videogame. That means you have to move the controllers just like walking with a couple of sticks, making for steady, gentle progression.

Reviewing Winds & Leaves for PlayStation VR, VRFocus found that: “Winds & Leaves has some nice ideas and for those looking for a nice tranquil VR experience with some light puzzles, it perfectly suits. The problem is Winds & Leaves can be a bit too quiet. Lush green grass and colour forests are all well and good but they’re still devoid of life, no animals suddenly return.”

Winds & Leaves is set to arrive via Steam on 8th December 2021, supporting Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. For further updates from Trebuchet, keep reading VRFocus.

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