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Demeo: Roots of Evil Expansion Now Available, PC Edition Arrives April 2022

Two more expansions are also planned.

Resolution Games’ table-top multiplayer Demeo arrived back in May for Meta Quest and PC VR headsets, to much acclaim. Since then, the studio has continued to expand the turn-based adventure with Realm of the Rat King and now Roots of Evil, available today for free. Additionally, Resolution Games has unveiled its 2022 roadmap including a PC version and a PvP mode.


The third adventure for Demeo fans, Roots of Evil moves away from the previous dungeon-crawling locations, heading to the surface and into the Drych Forest. Here you’ll find a commune of druids that have captured a being of absolute evil that can’t be controlled, and so it is up to you to liberate the forest of this dangerous force. To help in this quest Resolution Games has introduced a new character class; Molthas the Bard. Molthas comes equipped with a lute and dagger, playing songs that can buff party members, silence enemies, and summon destructive winds to defeat foes.

While that’s all available to download today, looking into 2022 Resolution Games has a feature-packed roadmap ahead. The biggest of the bunch is Demeo: PC Edition which is due for release on 7th April, offering cross-play functionality between PC and virtual reality (VR) players, allowing them to tailor parties that can be all PC, VR or a mixture. It’ll come complete with all the previously released expansions.

“Since Demeo launched, we have more than doubled the size of the team dedicated to its ongoing development,” said Tommy Palm, CEO and founder of Resolution Games in a statement. “The reception from players has been incredible — and with the PC Edition, we’re looking forward to bringing an authentic tabletop experience to even more players. This is the real deal for desktop gamers, as we’re completely rebuilding Demeo for a native PC experience — and we can’t wait to welcome you into the world of Demeo.”  


Also on the list of updates is a PvP mode for later next year, creating fierce competitive battles with up to four players going head-to-head. Arriving much sooner on 24th February is the Players Hangout, a whole new environment where you can socialise and relax, customize your avatar, and play mini-games. The studio has also teased two new adventures that are set to arrive in 2022, bringing the tally to five.

“With Demeo, we set out to make a game that rekindles that feeling of gathering around a table with friends to fight monsters and find gold,” added Palm. “The game’s first year proved that we absolutely hit the mark. What really made those games fun in the long-term, though, was the promise of more content, more adventures and more ways to play. As we head into 2022, we recognize how beloved Demeo is and have made our most ambitious plans yet as a studio. This is a game we’ll all be playing for years to come — and with the launch of Demeo: PC Edition in 2022, even more friends will be able to join the adventure.” 

Demeo is available for Quest and SteamVR headsets with the Roots of Evil expansion available as a free update. As further details on the 2022 roadmap are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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