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Unplugged for PC VR Delayed by 2 Weeks

The Oculus Quest update has also been delayed.

Last week Anotherway revealed that its virtual reality (VR) homage to air guitar, Unplugged, would be coming to PC VR tomorrow while the Meta Quest version would also get an update. Both of them have now been delayed until mid-December the team confirmed via the Unplugged Twitter account.


No reason was given for the delay with the tweet saying: “Hi fellow rockers, we need some more time to finetune the #SteamVR release and #MetaQuest update for #UnpluggedVR. We’ll be jumping back on stage on December 14!” So that means there’s just under two weeks to wait for the rocking VR experience.

Unplugged moved away from the classic guitar rhythm action gameplay of old by utilising Oculus Quest’s hand tracking, thus aiding that air guitar feel. On PC VR headsets, however, native hand tracking isn’t available so instead Anotherway and Verigo Games have utilised the Valve Index controllers to provide that finger tracked experience. Of course, that does mean only those controllers are supported so don’t go buying Unplugged without them.

Also now due on 14th December is that Meta Quest passthrough update previously mentioned. It’ll add a new venue to the roster, so instead of playing to a virtual audience, you’ll be able to see your living room, bedroom or wherever you happen to be playing. Plus there’s that new Steel Panther song Unplug Yourself to look forward to.


Featuring songs from the likes of The Offspring, Ozzy Osbourne, Weezer, and many more, Unplugged is all about unleashing that inner rock god without all the hassle of actually learning how to play a guitar. Steel Panther’s lead guitarist Satchel is your mentor, teaching you all about the various intricacies of Unplugged, from playing a basic note to some freestyle jamming. You can freely reposition the virtual guitar for easy playing, there’s left-handed support and don’t forget to work the crowd at the end for maximum points.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Unplugged, reporting back with further updates.

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