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Beat Saber

Beat Saber’s Newest Blocks Let You Slide to the Rhythm

Slide to the left…then slide to the right.

Beat Saber undoubtedly has to be the most popular virtual reality (VR) videogame, just look at its permanent number one ranking on the PlayStation VR download charts. Developer Beat Games hasn’t rested bringing new features to the rhythm game, with the next to arrive introducing some new block types.

As you can see from the short teaser video Beat Games released this week, these new blocks look like they’ve burst apart, hence why they’re called Burst Sliders, Road to VR reports. The first portion contains the directional arrow whilst the thin ‘slices’ all have to be cut through adding a very defined sweeping motion to the gameplay.

Those ‘slices’ are referred to as ‘elements’ by the dev team who indicate that there’s no limit to the number of elements a Burst Slider can contain. As the trailer showcases, some Burst Sliders contain four elements whilst others contain nine. That could lead to some twirling block cutting in the future.

Keeping with the slide theme, you may notice the sabers in the video featuring what looks like light trails. These are in fact ‘Sliders’, guide lines that lead to a starter block. Whilst they are there to aid the next slice, they have another gameplay element, getting the player even more involved with the song. Following these sliders won’t add any more points to your score but they do add a touch of haptic feedback.

Beat Saber - Slider

Finally, there’s going to be one smaller, community requested addition; diagonal dot blocks, yey! All of these features are slated to arrive in the next Beat Saber update, although there’s no clear indication when that’ll be.

Having seen the likes of multiplayer and 360-degree gameplay modes added since its original launch Beat Saber hasn’t lost any momentum over the years. As and when further updates are announced, gmw3 will keep you updated.

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