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Editor’s Letter: Welcome to gmw3

Time for VRFocus 2.0.

The last couple of years has been the most erratic of the 21st Century thanks to the COVID pandemic, redefining the era we live in. From how we work to how we entertain ourselves, we’ve had to rapidly adapt to these fluctuating conditions, for better or worse. Central to that adjustment has been the technology that permeates every facet of our lives, our phones, computers and the internet which links it all together. But that’s all changing too, so with that in mind, we’re also giving ourselves an upgrade.

Launched in 2014, VRFocus arrived at an exciting time within the entertainment and gaming industry. A time where virtual reality (VR) wasn’t simply a sci-fi pipe dream for consumers, rather a tangible technology that could change not only the way we play videogames but how we connect and communicate. Whilst it would take a couple of years for the first true VR headsets to arrive, the industry has only really begun to find its footing over the last year or so as everyone found themselves stuck at home.

Yet VRFocus was never just about VR, we embraced all forms of immersive technology, whether that’s augmented reality (AR) on your smartphone or mixed reality (MR) on far more high-end, enterprise-focused devices. These all provided their own windows into a new world of digital information and expression, where you could step into a fully realised virtual world or enhance the real world with cool gaming features or tools to make everyday activities far more interesting.

As these technologies have grown so to have their use cases, expanding VRFocus’ coverage even further. Immersive social platforms have sprung up that utilise cryptocurrencies, blockchain and NFTs, offering artists and developer’s new ways to monetise their work and reach new audiences. A big part of this all falls under the ‘Web3’ banner which will steadily become a big part of 2022 and the future of the web.

And then there’s the metaverse. This term has been bounded around for a while now as a way to describe virtual worlds. The name took new meaning and prominence during 2021 when several global companies and tech leaders began using it to describe their vision of the future, an online society more deeply connected and intertwined than ever before. As grandiose and utopian as that vision sounds we’re nowhere near that, there is no singular Oasis for everyone to join. The other problem is that ‘metaverse’ is being dropped into every single piece of marketing fluff like it’s a catch-all term when it’s not. Creating not only confusion but also early fatigue of the term. It doesn’t need to be this way, there is goodness to be found.     

So now seems like the opportune moment to expand VRFocus beyond its initial premise, to welcome in new technologies; providing you with the latest information on all these subjects. Whether you’re looking to understand the difference between XR and NFTs or DeFi and WiFi, we’ll become your go-to resource for this exciting new landscape, welcome to Good Morning Web 3 – or ‘gmw3’ as we like to call it.

Rest assured, we’re not throwing away all our hard-earned experience reporting on VR, AR and MR technologies, these will still be intrinsically linked to subjects like the metaverse and Web3, remaining at the heart of our daily coverage. gmw3 will still offer great reviews on the latest VR videogames, updates on essential hardware and how the XR industry is evolving. From now on you’ll also be able to enjoy even more tech coverage in one spot from a talented team of writers. 2022 holds plenty of thrilling prospects and gmw3 will be there to report, educate and guide you across this digital expanse.

  1. Hmmmm, I’ll wait and see how this turns out.

    There are allot of other sites already covering the things you mentioned.

  2. I understand the need to cover this stuff as it’s in a massive bubble right now but there are loads of dedicated crypto news sites already doing so. Bit of a shame as VR coverage was really good and the gm name thing is pretty cringey. But will see how it goes

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