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Hand-Painted Puzzle Adventure UNBINARY Approved for Meta Quest

There will be a simultaneous launch across all supported platforms.

Almost a year ago Brazilian indie game studio Ludact released its virtual reality (VR) title UNBINARY via Steam Early Access, a colourful adventure that was developed using Quill by Smoothstep. Now, the studio has released several new updates whilst confirming that an official launch including support for Meta Quest isn’t far away.


The big news is that UNBINARY is finally coming to the Meta Quest platform, as the studio has received official Oculus Store approval. The release will coincide with the title leaving Early Access.

“During Early Access on Steam we received an invite to enter on the process for Quest Store, for us it was amazing!”, said Egon Ribeiro of Ludact in a statement. “We are excited to show all the environments and puzzles of UNBINARY. We put together the feedback we received on Early Access until now, and we are working hard in the QA process, ready for a full-launch in Early 2022.”

As for the recent update updating and adding new features, the team has dropped in a brand new level whilst improving the visual assets, animations, and puzzle challenges of the current levels. Accessibility has also been enhanced with three different forms of movement (Continuous, Blink and Shift) now available to players. A Load/Save System makes UNBINARY easier to play in segments plus you now have six different language options: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Deutsch.


UNBINARY puts you in the beautifully drawn world of Webby, a super A.I. who has been selected to rule the world. However, before she starts to reign over mankind you need to test her integrity. This involves completing various puzzles across 22 levels, unlocking three different masks, which have unique abilities to help you overcome Webby’s simulations and challenges.

The official launch of UNBINARY will be simultaneous across Meta Quest, Rift, Steam and Viveport stores in spring 2022, retailing for $14.99 USD. Check out the new story trailer below and for continued updates on the latest VR videogames, keep reading gmw3.com.

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