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Oculus Quest 2 player

Meta Quest’s v37 Update Hands Some Magic to Owners

Do more with Meta Quest’s latest update.

The rollout of Meta Quest’s latest software update has now begun packing even more versatility into the standalone headset. Among some of the new and enhanced features, v37 adds a new hand-tracking gesture, makes organising your VR UI easier and sees the inclusion of Apple Magic keyboard support.

Meta Quest Apple Magic

If you love Quest’s hand tracking feature but wish it could do more, well now it can. v37 introduces a new gesture that will allow you to open up a Quick Action Menu by pinching your thumb and index finger. The shortcut gives you access to functions like taking screenshots or activating voice commands.

And for those who want to do more in VR such as typing away in a virtual meeting you now have the ability to pair an Apple Magic Keyboard with the headset. Just like the addition of Logitech’s K830 keyboard in the v28 update, the Apple keyboard can be viewed inside VR as a 3D representation. You’ll find the option to activate this feature in Settings under the Experimental Features section. Additionally, Meta is releasing its Tracked Keyboard SDK for developers next week so they can add both keyboards to their apps.

Sharing functionality continues to grow on Quest with a new link sharing feature. Using an Android device – iOS isn’t supported at the moment – you can share a link to the headset via the Oculus Mobile App. So long as the headset is on and Bluetooth activated, simply open up a website on your phone click Share, choose the Oculus App → Open Now, then select your headset. The link will open in the Browser automatically when you use your Quest.

Meta Quest hand tracking

The last couple of tidbits offer the ability to organise the 2D panels in the Home area whilst the Explore page has been overhauled to make it easier to browser new videogame recommendations, see what your friends are doing or explore the new Fitness and Productivity sections.

As always, the update is a gradual rollout so you may have to wait a few days before it appears. This continues Meta efforts to improve the Quest platform on a monthly basis, so when v38 appears gmw3 will let you know.

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