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The Tale of Onogoro

Team Behind Last Labyrinth Tease new VR Adventure The Tale of Onogoro

Expected to launch in Spring 2022.

Japanese developer Amata K.K. launched its first virtual reality (VR) videogame just over two years ago, the dark surreal puzzler Last Labyrinth. Today, the studio has confirmed its next project isn’t far away, an action-adventure experience called The Tale of Onogoro.

Image credit: Amata K.K.

Amata K.K. has only teased the existence of the project at the moment, releasing a couple of title images and one of what could be the protagonist. As you can see from the above image The Tale of Onogoro looks vastly different to the confined rooms of Last Labyrinth, with an expansive vista and traditional Japanese architecture in the distance.

There’s also one other clue to the gameplay gmw3 spotted and that’s a bow. Bow’s have always been popular in VR due to their physical nature, immersing you in every shot. They can also be difficult to pull off, making or breaking any VR videogame that dares to use them. Hopefully, it’s the former with The Tale of Onogoro although it’s unclear if the viewpoint will be first or third-person.

As with any tease, there’s still so much we don’t know about The Tale of Onogoro, such as the tale itself. No other character or gameplay elements have been unveiled, just that its an action-adventure so puzzle elements might be quite minimal. In any case, considering the last VR title from Amata K.K. expect a few unusual elements to appear.

Last Labyrinth
Image credit: Amata K.K.

Last Labyrinth provided one of the more unique puzzle experiences for VR headsets in 2019, where you found yourself sitting in a wheelchair unable to move; apart from operating a laser pointer on your head. You used this to guide a girl called Katia to the various puzzle elements in each room, trying to find a way out of an unusual mansion. However, fail a puzzle and just like the Saw movie franchise you’d be met with a grim end, having to start all over.

Currently, The Tale of Onogoro is scheduled for release this spring. Exclusive to VR headsets, none have been confirmed thus far. For continued updates, keep reading gmw3.

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