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Varjo Aero

Varjo Brings XR Cloud Streaming to its Enterprise Customers

The service is currently in early access.

Finnish headset manufacturer Varjo launched its immersive collaboration tool Reality Cloud last year. The company has announced an upgrade to the platform today, seeing the addition of cloud streaming for enterprise customers.

Varjo Reality Cloud

Varjo has a vision for metaverse collaboration that’s the same as real life, combining its professional-grade VR/XR hardware with intuitive immersive tools. The cloud streaming rollout on the Varjo Reality Cloud platform will be an early access release for select customers – one of them being electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian – whether they’re in VR with the Varjo Aero or in mixed reality using the flagship Varjo XR-3.

Just like NVIDIA’s CloudXR, the whole point of cloud streaming is the ability to provide high-end workflows on PC’s that weren’t built for intensive VR applications. Varjo has its own foveated transport algorithm that can stream immersive content at a bandwidth of 35 megabits per second. To make this possible Varjo’s collaborative platform is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and NVIDIA GPUs.

“Being able to achieve the same quality experience through Varjo Reality Cloud with less powerful local PCs is a game-changer for companies looking to scale their use of virtual and mixed reality,” said Urho Konttori, founder and CTO of Varjo in a statement. “Now, with our new cloud streaming service, users can join photorealistic virtual experiences with almost any laptop with a dedicated NVIDIA GPU and a Varjo headset and start collaborating in an immersive environment.”

Varjo XR-3

Varjo Reality Cloud is still under development itself with an official commercial launch expected to take place during the first half of 2022.

Alongside Varjo Reality Cloud, the company is making it (a bit) easier to access its products thanks to the release of Varjo Aero several months back. The cheapest headset the company has made to date – it’s still $2,000 USD – the Aero packs in some serious specs including 2880 x 2720 px per eye resolution, eye tracking and SteamVR compatibility for those that want the best VR gaming experience.

As Varjo continues to enhance its product lineup gmw3 will keep you updated.

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