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Co-op Shooter Gambit! Resurfaces, Coming to PC VR & Quest 2 This Spring

And it’ll support cross-play!

18 months ago XREAL Games (Zero Caliber) teased a new virtual reality (VR) title it was working on, a co-op shooter called Gambit! The premise sounded good but then it all went quiet. Until today that is, with a new Steam page appearing, screenshots, gameplay details, launch window and supported headsets.


Set to offer both single-player and multiplayer modes, Gambit! is described as a “buddy adventure” where you and three mates work together to unleash some carnage across a 20+ hour campaign (9 levels over 3 chapters). There’s no gameplay footage just yet but the screenshots highlight an abundance of enemies, an assortment of weapons and some awesome looking visuals.

Players will have the option to select from four different characters, each with their own unique special weapon and style. We’ll have access to chainsaws, pistols, SMGs, and more, all of which can be customised with attachments, skins, and charms.

Gambit! might be built around cooperative gameplay but it won’t purely rely on it. There will be competitive leaderboards, tournament ladders and a PvP mode to keep you busy. And when you’re not fighting enemies or trying to beat a boss, there are mini-games to play, hidden areas to find, and graffiti boards with adjustable spray cans to get creative with.


Gambit! has got some serious competition in the co-op arena with Vertigo Games’ After the Fall released just before Christmas. It did very well at launch, managing to achieve $1.4 million in revenue during its first 24 hours. Also due for release in 2022 are SIN and Green Hell VR sporting co-op features.

Being developed by a subsidiary team within XREAL Games, Gambit! is currently slated for a Q2 2022 release – May at the moment – for PC VR and Meta Quest 2 headsets. It’ll also support cross-play. As for Zero Caliber, the studio will still support the videogame through 2022 with further updates to come. As gmw3 learns more about Gambit! we’ll keep you updated.

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