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Jurassic World Aftermath

Coatsink has 3 VR Projects in the Works, Including PlayStation VR2 Launch Title

Coatsink’s previous games include Shadow Point and Jurassic World Aftermath.

British developer Coatsink has a long history in virtual reality (VR), from early titles such as Esper through to more recent offerings like Jurassic World Aftermath. And it seems as though the studio is continuing that trend, with parent company Thunderful Group’s 2021 year-end report revealing several VR projects are in the works including a PlayStation VR2 launch title.

Shadow Point

Internet sleuths over on Reddit discovered the official confirmation that Coaksink is developing a videogame for the launch of PlayStation VR2, although it doesn’t state what it could be. Just as important is the fact that Sony Interactive Entertainment still hasn’t revealed when the headset is likely to arrive.

However, delve a little deeper into the report and you’ll see in the “Ongoing Development and Ongoing Releases” section Thunderful Group list 17 projects, three of which are VR titles all under Coatsink’s direction. Surprisingly, Oculus Quest launch exclusive Shadow Point is reappearing during the first half of 2022, likely a port coming to either PC VR or PlayStation VR.

Then there are two codenamed Salted Caramel and Date. Salted Caramel is listed as a “Sports Action” game that’s slated to arrive in the second half of the year. But Date is even more intriguing, a “VR Co-op Survival” title listed for 2023, could that be the PlayStation VR2 launch project previously mentioned? With SIE still struggling to build enough PlayStation 5’s to quench demand due to supply issues, this is the main reason gmw3 would expect PlayStation VR2 to arrive next year.

Thunderful Group also publishes games by third-party developers and there’s a final VR title in there too. Again, not many details to go on at present, the project is codenamed, Cinnamon, its an “Arcade style shooter” and its currently earmarked for a 2022 (2H) release. Plus there isn’t any mention of who’s developing the VR game.

Very few videogames have been revealed for PlayStation VR2 at this time, with Horizon Call of the Mountain the most well known currently. Others have been mentioned though, including Maze Theory’s Engram, Pavlov Shack by Vankrupt Games and the anime-inspired Runner. SIE has now finally revealed what the PlayStation VR2 looks like.

For continued updates on Coatsink’s VR projects, keep reading gmw3.

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