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The VR Drop

The VR Drop: Meta-what?

Short but sweet for next week.

Next week is a little quiet at the moment when it comes to virtual reality (VR) videogame releases. Gmw3 usually likes to have a nice round five for you folks to peruse but today there are only three, one of which is a biggie.


Virtual Virtual Reality 2 – Tender Claws

If you want to get excited about one VR title next week then let it be Virtual Virtual Reality 2, Tender Claws’ follow up to its popular 2017 original. This time around the studio is poking (almost literal) fun at the idea of the metaverse with a single-player campaign where your conscience is uploaded to the retirement utopia of Scottsdale. Alas, that bubble is burst when the servers begin to shut down, so you have to find a way out. Cue lots of madcap gameplay, vibrant visuals and some rather unusual NPCs.

Lucky Fish Bread –
Visual Light

Time to cook up a storm with your own street food fish bread (‘Boong-oh Bbang’) business for hungry customers. Fish bread is a famous Korean street snack and in Lucky Fish Bread you’ll learn new recipes and techniques to help prepare the snack. The videogame isn’t purely about bread making, there are plenty of other activities to keep you busy including outmanoeuvring hooligans who loiter and cause trouble.

Lucky Fish Bread

Time Patrol – Overon Station

Or for those looking for a new shooter then there’s Time Patrol by Overon Station. As you can guess from the title, the videogame is all about completing missions through various time periods. There are four time periods to complete with 40 missions in total.

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