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Little Cities

Build a Sprawling Metropolis With Little Cities This April

Exclusively for Meta Quest 1 & 2.

As you may be aware, nDreams (Fracked, Phantom: Covert Ops) launched a publishing arm for third-party developers in 2021. The first studio to be accepted was Purple Yonder with its relaxing city builder Little Cities. Today, the teams have announced that Little Cities is now due to launch next month.

Little Cities

As the name suggests, Little Cities is all about building your own mini-metropolis, filled with homes, shops, factories, hospitals, police stations, power plants and much more; everything a bustling city needs. Rather than giving you one massive stretch of green land to build upon, Little Cities has each of its levels built around an archipelago, giving you a variety of environmental components to build around.

The first area revealed was a fairly flat set of islands with a couple of hills to showcase how terrain can affect mechanics like WiFi. Today’s announcement has unveiled several more themed locations including a desert island and one with a giant volcano in the middle. Each with its own hazards, the desert features sandstorms that can be held back by planting trees. Whilst the volcano – as you’ve probably guessed – brings the risk of eruptions. The upside is that geothermal vents can power cities.

New islands also mean new buildings. Why not add a nice thermal spa and water park to your volcanic island city, or an aquarium and a stadium on those tropical islands. And these are just the islands Purple Yonder has teased, yet to reveal how many variations Little Cities has to offer.

Little Cities

City building might sound like a stressful endeavour, trying to earn money to expand and build new areas all whilst keeping the residents happy but Little Cities is very much a calm and relaxing experience. You can read gmw3’s initial preview which said: “For such an early demo ahead of a Spring 2022 launch for Oculus Quest, Little Cities was a pleasing delight.”

Purple Yonder and nDreams will release Little Cities exclusively for Meta Quest 1 & 2 on 21st April 2022. Take a look at the new trailer below and for further updates, keep reading gmw3.

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