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Quantum Storey - My Little Pony

Quantum Storey’s XR Books to Bring Hasbro’s My Little Pony to Life

The Transformers and Clue franchises are also getting made into XR books.

For the past few years, Quantum Storey has built its XR platform around immersive storytelling, bringing books to life using the power of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR). Today, the company has announced a collaboration with Hasbro, entering a multi-year licensing agreement that’ll include the My Little Pony, Transformers and Clue franchises.

Quantum Storey - My Little Pony
Image credit: Quantum Story Company, Inc.

This publishing collaboration’s first product will be My Little Pony: Virtual Magic based upon Hasbro’s film, My Little Pony, A New Generation. Utilising Quantum Storey’s platform which combines mobile devices and XR technology, My Little Pony: Virtual Magic will feature PortalPoints that reward readers at the end of every chapter, transporting them inside the world they were just reading.

To increase the active engagement of readers, there’s a gamification system featuring an achievements panel. The more a child reads the more they’ll be rewarded, unlocking filters of characters from previous chapters, whilst parents receive notifications of how well they’re doing.

“Quantum Storey is excited to team up with Hasbro to add an entirely new dimension of interaction that will inspire young fans seeking a deeper connection with their favourite characters,” said Quantum Storey CEO and Founder J.M. Haines in a statement. “and to kick off this collaboration, we are introducing the world’s first Quantum Movie Novel, My Little Pony: Virtual Magic, based on Hasbro’s major hit film, My Little Pony: A New Generation.”

The Quantum Storey Company Operation You image

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Quantum Storey to offer readers new and exciting ways to experience our brands through their innovative XR platform,” Marissa Mansolillo, head of Content Strategy for Hasbro Publishing adds. “My Little Pony is the perfect brand to launch with as consumers are eager to dive into the world of our new generation of characters, and learn more about their origins.”

My Little Pony: Virtual Magic is currently slated to arrive this Spring, with the Transformers and Clue editions still in development. For continued updates, keep reading gmw3.

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