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Eolia Brings a Puzzling Tune to Meta Quest 2 in June

It’s the second VR title from ROTU Entertainment.

ROTU Entertainment revealed only last month that its second virtual reality (VR) title Eolia would be heading exclusively to Meta Quest 2 this summer. Eolia is now scheduled to arrive in exactly three weeks, mixing puzzle and music mechanics.


The sequel to 2021s Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia, Eolia continues the environmental narrative of the original, this time with you playing adventurer Conga Dholak who needs to save the desert world of Eolia from devastating climate change. Droughts and extreme weather patterns have destroyed the land, so you need to explore the remnants of a once prosperous civilisation and restore the ecosystem by solving musical puzzles.

Eolio utilizes Meta Quest 2’s hand tracking throughout the experience, from its innovative walking locomotion system and plucking the strings of magical musical instruments to jumping on the back of a Lhargo, grabbing its reins and riding through across the sun-kissed sands. Every interaction has been designed to maximise those hand tracked interactions to make the gameplay intuitive and immersive.

“In order for players to feel inspired to reflect on real-world issues, we needed to make sure EOLIA was accessible and evocative,” said Jason Parks, ROTU CEO in a statement. “Like our fragile real world, this fantastical one responds and reacts to every choice. And thanks to Meta Quest 2’s best-in-class immersion and ease of use, people of all ages and experience levels can play with this idea and join us on the journey to do right by our planet.”


Just like the first game, Rotu Entertainment will donate a portion of EOLIA’s proceeds to a climate-conscious non-profit selected by the ROTU social media community.

ROTU Entertainment will launch Eolia for Meta Quest 2 on 9th June 2022. It’ll have English voice and text support initially, with text localization for additional languages to come. Take a look at the new trailer below and for further updates, keep reading gmw3.

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