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Spatial Deploys Full-Body Avatars so you can buy Fashionable NFTs for Them

Now you can see your feet in Spatial.

Spatial may have begun as a remote collaboration platform but in December it announced a total company shift towards Web3, hosting NFT exhibitions, brand experiences and more metaverse oriented events. In another step towards that goal, Spatial has announced the deployment of Ready Player Me’s full-body avatars, giving its users greater customisation options and creators new ways to monetize the platform.

Image credit: Spatial

Ready Player Me avatars are some of the most advanced when it comes to customisation and cross-compatibility as they’re already being used in virtual reality (VR) apps like VRChat and Somnium Space. Spatial’s original avatars were floating torsos combined with a 3D version of a user’s head, created from a selfie image. Depending on the pic this could work okay or look downright weird.

Integrating Reay Player Me avatars not only gives its users a far more natural-looking body but also opens up the possibilities for creative expression – Spatial’s photorealistic avatars are now full-body as well. With plans to premier culturally relevant clothing such as hijabs and saris, Spatial will also roll out non-binary avatars customisations.

“Over the last 6 months, we’ve seen so many use cases that have both inspired and surprised us in equal measure. Together, we are creating a world online where you can almost do it all!” said Jacob Loewenstein, Head of Growth at Spatial. “Our creators & partners continue to push the boundaries of possibility, bringing communities together through customized experiential spaces. Adding legs to our avatars is so much more than just a feature update — it transforms the experience and opens doors to a host of new audiences. We’re committed to supporting inclusivity, self-identity & representation in virtual space and believe fashion is a core component on this journey.”

Image credit: Spatial

Adding full-body avatars is just one stage of Spatial’s expansion. As it has moved into Web3 the announcement wouldn’t be complete without mentioning NFTs. As more people wish to utilise NFTs to express themselves online, Spatial’s avatars will eventually be able to unlock wearable and accessory assets that can be monetized as NFTs.

“Spatial has been one of the most requested integrations by our users,” said Timmu Tõke, CEO & Co-Founder of Ready Player Me. “We couldn’t be more excited to bring our full-body avatars to Spatial and give users of the platform a completely new way to express themselves in Web3.”

As Spatial continues to expand its Web3 vision, gmw3 will keep you updated.

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