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The Last Clockwinder

VR Puzzler The Last Clockwinder Times PC VR & Quest 2 Launch for June

A casual puzzler all about cloning yourself.

There are some delightfully inventive puzzle titles in VR, from casual hand tracked experiences to proper mind-bending videogames. Indie studio Pontoco and publisher Cyan Ventures are set to launch the next grey matter sparking puzzler, The Last Clockwinder, next month for PC VR headsets and Meta Quest.

The Last Clockwinder

Unveiled back in December, The Last Clockwinder is a VR puzzle-automation videogame with the aim being to repair an ancient clock tower built into a massive tree. The clock tower is a store for the galaxy’s plants and seeds, so you need to grow plants, harvest resources, and clone yourself in a bid to complete each challenge.

Automation is key in The Last Clockwinder, performing each task by hand before looping it with a clockwork clone, thus creating loop upon loop to create ever more elaborate sequences.

It’s not entirely about creating Rube Goldberg machines with your hands though. The Last Clockwinder will have a narrative where you’ll need to: “Piece together your complicated past as you work to save your childhood home.” 

The Last Clockwinder

This isn’t the first VR title to use cloning as a gameplay mechanic, with Secret Location’s Transpose one of the more unusual examples of the mechanic. The Last Clcokwinder, in comparison, looks to be a far more gentile experience for VR puzzle fans.

The Last Clcokwinder is set to release on 2nd June 2022 for Meta Quest 2, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index (SteamVR). Check out the latest trailer for the videogame below and for further updates keep reading gmw3.

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