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Nerf Ultimate Championship

August is Game Time for NERF Ultimate Championship

There’s a new trailer as well.

Having revealed NERF Ultimate Championship, a multiplayer shooter using the iconic toys, almost exactly a year ago developer Secret Location has now released a new gameplay trailer and a release date. And there isn’t long to wait, coming to Meta Quest 2 in a couple of months.

Nerf Ultimate Championship

While the first gameplay trailer back in December offered just a teasing taster of NERF Ultimate Championship’s action the new trailer gives fans an even better look at what’s to come this summer. Players will start in a social lobby before honing their skills on the parkour course, getting a feel for the freedom the arenas will offer, thanks to double jumps and wall running mechanics.

After that, why not step into the shooting range a test all the guns out, from the single-shot weapons to the motorised blasters that need to be revved up first. The trailer then showcases some of the arenas like the Colusseum with a central point that needs to be captured.

Even though NERF Ultimate Championship is action-packed, to keep players coming back for more Secret Location will be releasing multiple seasons of free content. There will be unlockable skins, avatars, blasters, new maps, new game modes, and much more.

Nerf Ultimate Championship

“We want NERF Ultimate Championship to be a game that players keep coming back to over time,” said Josh Manricks, Studio Director at Secret Location. “There is a lot of exciting content planned for after release. We’ve captured the social and physical essence of NERF, with intense battles powered by dynamic, fluid movement, as well as some epic NERF blasters made exclusively for the game. All these elements, combined with maps that encourage fast-paced gameplay and constant updates of free content, will offer fans plenty of reasons to keep jumping back in with friends.”

NERF Ultimate Championship is scheduled to launch on 25th August 2022 for Quest 2. From today, eager fans can join the community Discord or head on over to Secret Location’s Dev Blog to learn more about its development. For continued VR updates, keep reading gmw3.

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