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Advertising and commercial activities

VRFocus’s editorial and advertising departments are separate. The content that appears on the VRFocus.com site and YouTube channel is entirely at the editors’ discretion and is never influenced by commercial considerations.

Our advertising team believes in being fair, honest and transparent in our dealings with advertisers.

We do not accept advertising that obscures content (i.e. interstitials or overlays), that plays sound automatically or that features offensive content. Additionally, we do not accept inappropriate advertising content and will act to remove it if it appears on the website. If you believe adverts on the site are falling short of these goals, please contact us.

We sometimes link to retailers (e.g. Amazon) and receive money from any purchases made. These links do not influence editorial decisions in any way. They only appear in articles related to the product in question and use neutral language, for example: “Order [this product] from Amazon.”