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Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR: Games & Software

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The Samsung Gear VR has the advantage of a digital store that is already brimming with content, but a lot of it is very early mobile VR software that simply doesn’t compare to newer titles in terms of both experience and visual quality. Google Daydream may be fresh from announcement, yet already has a number of exclusive videogame titles announced for it. There’ll undoubtedly be a lot of ebb-and-flow between the two head-mounted displays (HMDs) in terms of software distribution, but as with any new platform it’s the exclusive content that can really bring home the ‘need’ for a device.

Samsung Gear VR Games & Software

The Samsung Gear VR kicks-off with the big one: Minecraft: Gear VR Edition. It’s currently unknown whether or not this will remain exclusive to the Samsung Gear VR, however, given that Oculus VR themselves has put a lot of effort into bringing the franchise to VR it’s likely there’s an agreement of some kind behind the scenes.

Minecraft: Gear VR Edition logo

An exclusive that is known to be staying with Samsung Gear VR, at least for now, is Hitman GO: VR Edition. Despite being available for numerous platform it is only Oculus VR’s HMDs that have been presented with the VR edition of Square Enix’s much loved puzzle spin-off of the Hitman franchise. It’s unlikely that we’ll ever see Hitman GO: VR Edition coming to Google Daydream, but never-say-never.

Along with these two big titles Oculus VR has also developed a number of exclusives internally, including the popular Herobound franchise. There are also applications such as Oculus 360 Photos and Oculus Video. These will undoubtedly be imitated on Google Daydream, however on Gear VR they’re already stocked full of content.

Google Daydream Games & Software

Google Daydream is likely to receive a significant amount of ports of Samsung Gear VR titles in the short term, given the proposed ease of adapting software built in engines such as Unity 5 and Unreal Engine 4. However, the ace up Google Daydream’s sleeve may also be it’s undoing in this regard: that Google Daydream controller.

Gunjack NEXT

A proprietary input device means that software will have to be created with this in mind. A translation from the Samsung Gear VR’s built-in touchpad to the clickable touchpad on the Google Daydream controller may be an obvious (if somewhat lazy) route to take, however there are a number of developers that have already announced more interesting, exclusive titles for Google Daydream.

CCP Games’ EVE Gunjack is a hugely successful VR videogame that debuted on Samsung Gear VR, and the sequel, Gunjack NEXT, has already been confirmed for Google Daydream. Netease has announced Twilight Pioneers and UK studio nDreams are working on two titles for the platform. Epic Games are also seemingly more keen to put their weight behind Google Daydream than Samsung Gear VR, having already created their own technical demonstration for the device, though as ever the company is keen on avoiding any suggestion as to whether or not they may be working on an actual consumer release for VR.

Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR: Games & Software Summary

Samsung Gear VR has the edge here simply due to the quantity of software already available for the platform. However, it’s Google Daydream’s input device that could allow for some truly inspiring mobile VR experiences to be produced. It won’t be long until developers begin revealing more of what they’ve been working on for Google Daydream, so expect more to come in the run up to release.