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Editor, Peter Graham

VRFocus Editor, he enjoys bringing the latest news to our keen readers all over the world. An obsessive gamer since the days of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Peter has worked in the XR industry for over 5 years, keeping VRFocus readers updated on all the cutting edge advancements taking place within the industry.

For press, industry, review and guest post opportunities please e-mail: pgraham@vrfocus.com

Follow Peter on Twitter: @brains81

For submissions to the VR Job Hub please contact: pgraham@vrfocus.com


VRFocus is an independent website funded by Admix, a UK-based non-intrusive, no code game monetization solution. VRFocus is run independently by Peter Graham and a team of writers working remotely. Admix has no editorial control of the site. VRFocus will report on all aspects of VR, from the smallest to the largest developers, publishers and hardware companies.

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