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The Best Free Games for Oculus Rift: InMind VR & InCell VR


Our next two favourite Oculus Rift videogames look into the human body with InMind VR and InCell VR. Both are from the same developer looking to combine fun experiences with education.


Educational Themed Free Videogames

 InMind VR

Now it’s time to dive into two microscopic worlds from the same developer Nival VR. The first is InMind VR which is another older title that arrived on the Oculus Rift DK2 early in 2015. As the title suggests it’s all about the human brain, exploring the neurons and electrical pathways that make up our minds.

InMind VR is a short adventure of sorts, where players enter the brain of a patient suffering a mental disorder, then finding and pacifying the defective neurons in order to stop them from spreading wrong synapses to other neurons.

Playing as a scientist that’s been shrunk down and placed in a protective pod, you are taken around the brain on rails. As you speed past the neon lit world you’ll notice the damaged neurons are lit up in bright red, and these must be shot and destroyed in order to succeed.

It’s a look into the future of what medical procedures could eventually be like for mental health, not necessarily shrinking someone down to microscopic levels, but delving into the brain in a VR world to discover what’s wrong and how treatments could rectify issues.

Nival VR’s InMind VR is a great blast into the world of VR. It maybe short but quite a lot of VR experiences aren’t yet as long as their standard 2D videogame cousins.

InCell VR screenshot

InCell VR

 The second free title from Nival VR is InCell VR. Again another microscopic look into the human body, this title goes for a wholly different approach. InCell VR is the only racing title VRFocus is featuring as its the only one that’s free to play. It features the same design aesthetics as InMind VR, brightly lit, vivid neon colours but this time you’re on a race track.

InCell is a racing game in a similar vein to Tammeka Games’ Radial-G, where the tracks are a complete cylinder, just this time you’re inside the human body. There’s a story behind it all to. InCell casts the player as a medical professional working with a robot called TMEAR07. A volunteer has been infected with a virus so the player’s character is shrunk to microscopic level and enters the host’s nervous system, racing to administer a vaccine direct to the nuclei stopping the virus.

The races are procedurally generated and feature multiple routes so players get a fresh experience each time you play. There’s energy molecules to collect on route and obstacles to avoid whilst trying to find the right path.

This second title from Nival VR is far more well rounded and features much more content than InMind VR. But even though its providing a fun VR experience there’s also an educational aspect to it as well. This game gives an opportunity to learn more about cell microstructure, different organelles and their roles in cell activity.

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